Process to Export



A Steel Homes International  Consultant, will come together with yourself over Skype, phone or in person to discuss your choice of home, including all inclusions, accessories, colours and styles. Steel Homes International use French standards for steel frames and windows if your area is not in these standards we will outsource the standards for you. If you are not using one of our plans and wish to use your personal plan, in order for us to do a correct quote we require the plan to be to architectural scale.

If you wish to have your DIY drawing and wish it to be to scale this process takes approximately 14 days and requires you to make a payment of $750 for engineering services. (Part payment towards deposit).


The Sales Consultant then presents the quotation to you for review. At this stage the Sales Consultant together with yourself will clarify any final issues and agree on the quotation. On agreeing to the price, a building agreement is completed. (Conditions may apply).


The Sales Consultant contacts you and agrees on a convenient time for the final signing. The Sales Consultant reviews and clarifies every detail of the building agreement so that you are clear that all the requirements have been identified.You then sign the building agreement and specifications and arrange to pay a deposit of 30%. (Part payment towards deposit as in ‘1’ above). All materials for your new home are ordered and the building file issued to the Construction Manager and Building Supervisor, who will be your liaison during construction. Progress payment requests are issued periodically to you in accordance with the agreement.


Steel Homes International will prepare the shipping containers that are loaded in a specific order so as you build your home you only take out the nessary and the rest of your house stays locked up. Once your home is loaded into the containers they are loaded onto our shipping yard trucks and are transported away to the port of Brisbane where they will go through customs and are mounted onto the container ship. The next 4 weeks your home will make it’s way to your port of preference where on arrival will go through another set of customs check where you the owner and consultant who you will be liaising with will do a check through the container to verify all products. On check of your containers you are then requested to provide all financial disclosures and finalise any outstanding variations and your home will be dislodged from port to your destination.


At this point your home has arrived payments are made and the handover to your new home comes with a certificate of all the material containing in the kit home as well as all warranties and assemble instructions. Our communication with you does not stop at this point, we understand putting up a house can be daunting so we are here to assist you with the commencement of your home. Upon completion of your home, your consultant will contact you to make an appointment for presentation. Three months after the completion of your home, should you have any concerns, an inspection can be arranged to identify and rectify any items of adjustment or maintenance covered under the Warranty Agreement.

Loading Containers

Loading containers is the most important process in the organisation of your home each item has to be assembled in the correct order and placed in certain locations so there is no potential damage during the trip. Containers come in either 20ft or 40ft, the majority of homes come in the 40ft containers, each container filled with your home can weigh up to 23tonne and individual products ie. Bricks  per pack weigh 1.5tonnes so we recommend work place health and safety equipment to be worn at all times when working in and out of the containers. When removing materials from container with a forklift please ensure constant awareness of the weight of these products.

When your container arrives you will find your container will be locked with our state of the art heavy duty padlock where nothing is able to cut through it. This is essential that you keep this bolt on your containers at all times whilst your house is getting built and your site is empty.